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A Family Tradition Since 1855

We farm for the future

We’re a multi-generational, family-run, certified organic pig farm in Eastern, Ontario. But we’re so much more. As the majority of the agricultural industry focuses on profits over people, we’re doubling down on sustainable practices that our grandparents preached almost 100 years ago. And with good reason. Our family is now in our seventh-generation locally and we want to ensure that our kids (and their kids!) are able to cultivate a healthy and happy life on our family’s land for generations to come.

What drives us?

Our mission is to cultivate agriculture that’s accessible & sustainable. There’s always room at our table for you and your family.

- Betty MacDonald



A little taste of history

Farming runs deep in our blood. Our great-great grandfather, William Leitch, came from Scotland in the 1800’s before settling in the area. Our great grandfather, David Leitch, was born in 1855 on the family homestead. With patience and perseverance, David built one of the finest farm properties in the district, while holding membership positions with the local school board and the Cornwall Agricultural Society.

The focus on sustainable practices was top of mind for David, a farmer way ahead of his time. With successful farms on both South Branch Rd. and County Rd. 18, the family has found generational success by working the land with care and a vision for the future.

Life on the Farm

About the pigs

York Landrace sows and Duroc boars are allowed to roam in both woodland and pasture year-round while having free-choice access to shelter, hay, and straw bedding. All pigs are fed organic oats and peas for protein, as well as an organic vitamin and mineral premix.

CERTIfied organic - Certified humane - pasture & forest raised

Tried & True

Where you can find us

Our farm Shop

Make a stop at W. Leitch Organics part of your routine! We’ll be opening our farm shop where you’ll be able to purchase our organic pork meat cuts right from the farm in 2020!

Local Markets

We’re working hard to make our organic pork cuts available at local markets for all to enjoy. Expect to see our fresh meat available in shops across SDG by Spring 2020.

Delivery Service

We’re looking to partner with local organizations, gyms or businesses who would like to take advantage of our delivery services for their community. One order delivered monthly to your location of choice.

Pricing & Availability

To place an order, email:

NO half & Wholes available at this time

whole & half pigs


Dressed Weight

Deliveries will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month

We deliver to Martintown, Williamstown, Lancaster, Alexandria, Maxville, Apple Hill, Cornwall, Iroquois, and surrounding areas.

Deadline to Order via our Online Shop:
24 hours prior to pick up or delivery

We're Looking for Partners

Wholesale Opportunities

We’re looking for wholesale partners to distribute our certified organic pork. We have many cuts available from pork chops, ground pork, ribs, leg roasts, shoulder roasts, sausages and bacon. Our ideal clients operate seasonal markets, restaurants or brick and mortar shops.

Generations of Hard Work

meet our farmers

Fifth Generation


Strong, independent, and focused on the future of her family farm, Betty is a force. She grew up on the South Branch Farm before travelling across Europe, Africa, and Canada and coming back home to settle in Martintown, Ontario where she purchased and named her farm after her grandfather, William Leitch.

She finds great joy in watching her daughter compete at international show jumping competitions, teaching adults and children with disabilities the ropes of riding, and of course, watching her daughters and grand-daughters enjoy the simple farm life.

Betty is looking forward to supporting Hadrian in this next chapter as she takes the reins of the family farm.

Trusted Quality

Proud to be certified by

Sixth Generation


At the young age of five years old, Hadrian began farming alongside her mom, Betty. She developed a passion for riding horses and quickly realized her future would be rooted in running the family farm.

When Hadrian’s not training or riding her stallion at international show jumping competitions, she’s spending her time around the farm. With generations of knowledge and years of experience, Hadrian is looking to the future. She’s eager to provide for the next generation by creating a strong, sustainable business that she’ll be able to pass down to her children. Hadrian holds a diploma in business accounting.

Life on the Farm

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